A Connecticut Yankeein King Authors Court

Mark Twain’s book, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court , is an interesting combination of humor and poignant analysis of the social situation during Twain’s time. The most interesting thing about this book is that Mark Twain combines so many different styles to get his point across. Though the book has a lot of subtle and obvious humor in it, it is also takes the time out to preach to readers at some point.

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As one of the first books to bring up time travel, this book can draw some interesting correlations between different time frames. It is interesting that Twain takes so much time to talk about the difference in money in the past as opposed to the present. The idea of inflation does not really fit in the overall context of the book, but it is highlighted extensively in the work.

Another interesting theme in the book is the idea of slavery. It is one of the difficult themes for people to grasp in this story. The Boss’s reaction to being sold into slavery is especially interesting. It is easy to see that people from different eras have a hard time grasping ideas from other eras. Though some thing, like slavery, might seem familiar to one group of people, it is a completely foreign concept to another group of people. Twain’s use of time travel is the perfect way to get across these differences in culture that go along with the changing of the times.

Overall, this book is quite ambitious in that it touches on so many issues in such a short period of time. It describes both the important and the things that might seem trivial, but all of them combine to create an idea of what life was like in the time of both the King and the Yankee.