Amazon strategies

Its strong business model plays an important role here. The company under its business models operates small lean warehouses in multiple geographies. The direct to consumer business model help the company to manage its capital investments for warehouses and inventory risks.

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However, much of Amazon’s growth is a result of successful investment strategies, which have often included acquisitions. In addition to acquisitions Amazon has also grown through internal development: membership program, partnering with convenience stores (which provides convenience to customers and saving costs for Amazon) What’s more, it has also grown through innovation in the product area Key resources

Bezo’s notable ideas regarding the digital interface: it allows Amazon to have limitless stock on hand at all times, it enables Amazon to collect high margins while providing low prices and it advances customer care. He is well known for his engagement and shareholder-friendly management style. Technology plays a very important role in this aspect for the company’s expertise in technology and the One-Click System.

Hire talented and adaptable employees and tying compensation to ownership in the company to its employees; this last thing motivates employees to think like owners. Amazon has created programs to enhance employee satisfaction. Amazon puts enormous emphasis on its human resource department.

For Amazon, marketing success comes from capitalizing on the recent online traffic and ensuring the customer feels special and engaged during their visit. It has a strong web strategy. From this, probably the first one would have a potential to become a sustainable competitive advantage for its uniqueness and for the fact that it was launched since the company’s foundation. It was core to the main business. qrw