Database Security and Encryption: A Survey Study

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Almost all organization whether social, governmental, educational etc., have now automated their information systems and other operational functions. They have maintained the databases that contain the crucial information. So database security is a serious concern. To go further, we shall first discuss what actually the database security is?

Protecting the confidential/sensitive data stored in a repository is actually the database security. It deals with making database secure from any form of illegal access or threat at any level. Database security demands permitting or prohibiting user actions on the database and the objects inside it. Organizations that are running successfully demand the confidentiality of their database.

They do not allow the unauthorized access to their data/information. And they also demand the assurance that their data is protected against any malicious or accidental modification. Data protection and confidentiality are the security concerns. Figure 1 below shows the properties of database security that are: confidentiality, integrity and availability [6][7][8].

As discussed previously confidentiality imposes limits while retrieving the secure data and therefore averting the illegal access to the data. Integrity means that the data will not be tainted in any way. Availability of data on time is the property of secure databases. [1][5]