My thoughts about entrepreneurship

Starting this essay about entrepreneurship, offcourse, I planned to write down what my opinion about entrepreneurship is. But that appeared to be a little harder than expected. To be honest, I am not quite sure what I think about entrepreneurship. There are many pro’s and con’s that have be to taken into consideration when thinking about being an entrepreneur. And I think ones opinion about it is influenced strongly by the examples and experiences with it in one’s personal environment.

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But since I took this course because of my interest in the subject and my will to learn about it, I am curious to find out what the conclusion of this essay will be and if I can form myself an opinion about it.

The plain idea of running my own business, turning my passion into a successful job, being innovative and unique, that sounds really good. I think it does to many people. But that doesn’t make any wish to be an entrepreneur a realistic one. Theoretically it is not even that hard to start a company, you just fill in some forms and pay a fee for the licenses needed. But having that paper with a name of a company on it doesn’t make you an entrepreneur. It all starts with an idea, and it should be an idea that’s unique and not used before. After this point there are many factors deciding on the success or failure of the company.

Obviously there must be many situations in which being an entrepreneur can be extremely stressful and risky (financially as well as personally). Being an entrepreneur is more a lifestyle that you have to choose for then a job you apply for. It demands leadership, innovative thinking, good social skills and a commercial mindset to keep a business running. And even if you have all that, you also need some luck and good circumstances that you cannot always influence.

I think a few of the main points that come forward from my results are: the industry of your business, your business idea, your own personality, the support and knowledge from people around you and the state of economy in
your market. But even if the business idea and all circomstances are good, and the company is blooming, I think it is very importart to stay genuine and authentic. To stay on the companies stated vision and mission and make the right choices as a business developes and perhaps grows.

Mainly because I was curious to the result, I took an online test on entrepreneurial personality and qualities. This tests asks you several questions and from the given information forms an image of your leadership, communicative and business values, strengths and weaknesses. According to my results I would have to work on some points. Things like trust in people around me and managing stressful situations. But in general I think my personality would quite suite the life of an entrepreneur. Offcourse this is just an online test reflecting on a moment, and a few answers to short questions, and not a reflection of real life. Conclusion

I think entrepreneurship is very interesting and when you consider being an entrepreneur opens up a lot of very exciting and possibly very profitable opportunities. But when you don’t have the right knowledge, tools and contacts it could be a risky career path. Either way, being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle you have to be willing to uphold.

For me personally, entrepreneurship is something I have just recently started to be interested in and really consider as a possible future. Still there is a lot of things I would have to learn about it before it will turn into a realistic option. This however would not hold me back to start a business in the future, maybe even make it more of a challenge.