Tragic Hero

A tragic hero is a character that holds a high position in society but is not perfect. Aristotle discusses ideas of a tragic hero in his book of literary theory titles Poetics. He believes that although a tragic hero is great, he or she possesses a tragic flaw that contributes to his downfall. However, this downfall may not be pure loss, but brings attention and awareness of the hero. According to Aristotle’s description of a tragic hero, Selena Quintanilla fits these characteristics. She had a n impact on society because of her great music, nobility, trust, and tragic death.

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Selena was born on April 16, 1971 in Lake Jackson, Texas. Growing up, she was the youngest in her family. She had a strong desire for music since she was three years old. Selena began singing in a vocal group with her siblings created by her father by age nine. The group was called “Selena y Los Dinos.” They performed at the family restuarant which soon went bankrupt. When Selena and her family moved to Corpus Christi, Texas, they began to perforem on the streets, at fairs, and weddings. Selena’s performance began to grew and she was in high demand to perform at various places. This interfered with her education but at age seventeen, she gained a high school diploma by the American School Program.

Selena relates to Aristotle’s view on a tragic hero. She held a position in society to the people that loved her. By the year 1985, Selena became famous for her great music. She recorded her first album for a record company at age fourteen. She also won “Best Female Vocalist” at the 1987 Tejano Music Awards. This outstanding young lady held this position throughout her entire career. According to Texas State Historical Association,”Selena became a star in Tejano music.” She was noticed because she was the first female to be successful in the Tejano music world which was a male dominated genre. Selena continued to make great music and pursued her music career. As her fame grew, love from fans all over the world grew.

The nobility displayed by Selena connects with Aristotle’s view on a tragic hero.Selena’s nobility towards people had gained her even more fans. She was not a person that made fame separate her from people around her. She showed love to all her fans and also helped them. According to a Selena fan site, “Selena loved to go to public middle schools and high schools to talk to the kids about the importance of staying in school, avoiding drugs and alcohol, remaining chaste and pursuing goals” ( felt as though it was important to be a part of her community and encourage positveness to young children growing up. She donated in many charitable ways to help kids stay in school, avoid use of drugs and focus on their education. She would visit many schools and speak to students about staying in school. She also donated money to form organization to keep young teenagers occupied and be progressive.

Every tragic hero’s downfall is caused by his own actions according to Aristotle. Selena belived that people were all kind and she didn’t find fault in them. However, her trust led to a tragic death that had a great impact.The love Selena fans gave her, made her love for them grew more. Selena made a fan club and it was managed by a woman named Yolanda Saldivar. Selena loved Yolanda and welcomed her into the family. They became very close and Selena’s trust and love grew more for Yolanda. Selena’s trust led to Yolanda trying to take advantage of her bussiness. Yolanda was discovered embezzeling the company’s money. This led to Selena firing her from the job and three weeks later she was called to clear all problems with Selena. At the meeting with Yolanda, Selena was shot. Yolanda pulled out a pistol as Selena turned her back. This was a tragic death because she was killed by someone she trusted.

Selena’s death impacted many people across the world. She was one of the most noble celebrity that treated everyone equal. Sh had an impact on many teenagers lives especially Latinos. Selena’s death did not kill her her popularity. Her music and words still live among many people in today’s society. This shows the characteristics of Aristotle’s tragic hero. Selena’s death was not pure loss because her music continued to live on and still has fans all over the world.