What Is New Media English Language Essay

In this hebdomad ‘s talk we discussed what “ New Media ” is and what significance it has on our mundane lives. New media, in other words the “ cyberspace ” is supposed to be the individual greatest innovation of all time made because it makes it faster and easier for people to reassign files, advertizements and merchandises worldwide. This being said, why is it called new media? What makes this new media any different to the old media such as wireless and newspapers? The chief difference seems to be that with new media you can interact with what is traveling on around you. Take for case societal networking sites such as “ facebook ” and “ chirrup ” , where you are able to speak and interact with people all over the universe no affair where you are. A better illustration would be “ YouTube ” which combines the telecasting which is a type of old media and the cyberspace which is a medium of new media in my eyes because “ YouTube ” is a site where anybody can upload their pictures for people to watch them. That is the old media side of it where the spectator sits down and watches the picture. Now the new media facet of it comes into drama when the user remarks, rates and merely interact with the “ YouTube ” community.

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Art is?

The subject of this hebdomads talk was art.I think that art is a really overused word in today ‘s universe because everything seems to be called a work of art, from pictures to sculptures, from music to literature. But what is art? Is art a picture? A musical composing? Or is it merely something that is sort to our eyes? In my sentiment the term art means something different to everybody human being. Art is everything around us that person has put thought and creativeness together to do. Art merely does n’t hold to be a picture by a celebrated Renaissance creative person like Leonardo district attorney Vinci worth a twosome of million dollars. It could merely be the chair that you sit on every twenty-four hours, the desk you work at and even the door you work out. Yes! In my sentiment art is everyplace ; we merely do non take the clip out to detect it.

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Is Technology “ Perfect ” ?

Everyday, more and more new engineerings are being brought out. From smaller more compact nomadic phones to handheld computing machines. But is it truly something to be happy about? In my sentiment I think that it is something we should non leap for joy for because these new innovations are really making more harm around the universe than good. Take the new iPhone for illustration, it may hold sent everybody flying to the stores to purchase it because it has muti-features that are purportedly traveling to do your life a whole batch better, but the truth is, it is non. Because of the fact that the phone now has fast cyberspace and nomadic phone connexion this means that twice every bit much radiation comes off to phone which can make serious and fatal harm to your encephalon. When the newest iPhone 4 was released it was discovered that the response signal could be cut off if the phone was held a certain manner. This caused people to oppugn if the iPhone really was that good ; when the proprietor of Apple inc. was questioned about this issue he had these simple words to state “ We ‘re non perfect, we know that, you know that, and phones are n’t perfect either ” 1 But do we non purchase things because we want them to be perfect? Because we want them to last without them interrupting? In my sentiment I think the universe is come oning excessively fast for us to get by with what is go oning and someday it will go excessively much.

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Is Art Re-Producible?

After reading “ Walter Benjamin: The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction ” in tutorials I believe what Walter is seeking to state is that the term “ Art ” , can be displayed in many different signifiers thanks to the patterned advance of new age engineering and the manner that works of art can be re-produced over and over. Walter describes a re-produced work of art as 1 that has lost its “ Aura ” . But I believe “ Art ” can ne’er be re-produced because “ Art ” is produced by an creative person, a human being, who at that clip felt some desire to paint or sculpt a certain piece. A machine on the other manus re-produces a work of “ Art ” , it makes a transcript of the original piece and this means it is non “ Art, it is a transcript. A human being can merely do “ Art ” , it can ne’er be automatically re-made and ne’er will unless machines start to develop emotion. A transcript of something does non possess what Walter likes to depict as an “ Aura, it holds no sense of emotion or intending it is merely another object.

Virtual World: A Thing of The Future

Virtual world is going enormously popular in today ‘s modern society, because of the debut of 3-D films and picture games. It is seen in usage in computing machine games, telecasting plans and even in film theaters with 3-D spectacless. When I hear the term “ Virtual World ” being used I frequently say to myself “ Well, what is incorrect with merely normal world? ” Peoples are acquiring caught up in the ballyhoo of practical world and 3-D. It is even available now to see in the comfort of your ain posing room with the debut of Sky 3-D. But why is this being brought in? Should n’t they start advancing wellness and fittingness instead than giving people another ground to remain at place rot their heads and their eyes. Another illustration of practical world is the enormously popular universe of warcraft game in which participants walk around utilizing their ain embodiments. But some people who play this game see this practical universe as a sort of Eden and ne’er leave the game. This has led to the decease of some people such as a 26

twelvemonth old adult male in Beijing who spent a whole seven yearss playing the game with no sleep1. I think there is excessively much focal point put on practical world and how good it is portrayed instead than keeping a healthy economic system in this world.

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Psychoanalysis was the chief subject covered in this hebdomad ‘s talk. My ain brief definition of depth psychology would be a survey of the behavior and operation of the human organic structure. It is besides how our head interprets phantasies and dreams and a survey of early childhood development through 3 phases “ Oral, Anal and Genital ” . Austrian doctor “ Sigmund Freud ” brought it together in a set of thoughts. He wanted to happen a solution to assist people with mental upsets. He seen it as your grownup life reflects what has happened in the past in your childhood. If you went through something traumatic in your childhood, you may bury it but it could be brought back to you in your hereafter in your dreams or a brassy back. In my sentiment I do non believe what happens during your kid goon reflects your life as an grownup to a large extent because about every kid goes through the same phases in life. I think that most people ‘s lives are shaped around them by society. Peoples are fundamentally told what to make. You are told make your prep in school, told to acquire a certain profession by your household and so you are told what to make in your occupation by your foreman. Your life is non shaped by what happened in your life but instead what you do with your life. Either you take the way everybody wants you to take or you take your ain way.

Does video/photography replace memory?