Why college athletes should get paid

Have you ever been walking and you hear in the he say she say around the hallways and they cause a fight or a controversy. Well I have and I think it needs to be put to a stop So my proposal is that we get a committee called the he say she say no go committee sponsored by the landstown fix it nation, and we go to congress to try and make it a law if it pasts then we start the process in three simple steps of fixation. Step 1: act of keeping it calm, this act is called keeping it calm because we are going to ask nicely to the people that do this ask them why they do this, way they want to be so childish and move on from there. If that doesn’t work we will move to Step 2: the act of enforcing.

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Step 2 simply means that we have to go with a little more aggressive approach. This is meaning that if we find or hear about these people or person starting the he say she say stuff then we will result to tazing these people until they’ve learn their lesson or until they’ve cried uncle or they pee or poo on themselves, and we as the Landstown fix it nation will pay all medical bills charges and anything else that’s need for the people that do this after they’ve learned their lesson through Step 2. If for some reason Step 2 doesn’t work then the Landstown fix it nation would have to go to more extreme measures which we’ll explain Step 3: the act of you should stuck with Step 1.

This simply means that if we catch you or think that you started the he say she say stuff then we will simply just let you choose for either breaking to of your fingers of your choosing or the nation beats you down until you have learned your lesson, and we will pay for all of the damages done to these people so they can move on with their normal days and provide therapy if needed. Now if this doesn’t pass by congress than we’ll simple do the same action to the in a more professional manor because we know they do the he say she say stuff as well. So at the at the end of the day don’t start the he say she say rumor stuff because we as Landstown fix it nation will find you and help guide you to the right way of life with three simple steps have a nice day people ?.